Working through different basement design ideas together

Trying to pull together a properly implemented basement renovation design, is nowhere near as simple, or as straightforward, as some people have been led to believe.

Unlike a traditional renovation or addition project, basement spaces have all kinds of natural limitations that designers and construction teams will have to work around. It is pertinent to actualize that you are always moving forward, with professionals that know exactly what they’re doing and have a track record for success.

We here at Basement Birds are proud of the reputation that we have built up in the Greater Toronto Area. We hope to continue to help each and every one of our clients out, with creating their dream basement, for years and years to come.

A lot of this success has to do with the fact that we work closely with our clients to create tailor-made basement designs for their specific project.  We integrate unique solutions that address their concerns and implement their ideas as much as humanly possible.

Here are just a couple of quick tips and tricks, to help you wrap your head around the basement design process!

Browse through our basement design portfolio

If you’re looking for a couple of examples of the kind of work that we do building out basements throughout the Greater Toronto Area, we would encourage you to check out the portfolio that we have posted on our website.

While not encompassing all of the basement designs that we’ve ever accomplished, we showcase some of our work here in high definition. The goal is to provide potential clients the opportunity, to see firsthand the kind of work that we can facilitate.

Try to find inspiration anywhere and everywhere you can

For clients that are looking to find inspiration for a new basement upgrade (especially when it comes to basement storage ideas), inspiration can come from all different kinds of sources. Hence, we recommend that they look at different rooms and different types of areas, as opposed to just looking at what different basements have to offer.

Bathrooms, bedrooms, and even laundry rooms and kitchens can have unique storage solutions (and other design elements) that clients want to have incorporated in their new basement. If the client wasn’t so willing to look at nontraditional basement spaces for inspiration. They should explore unique design elements that may not have been uncovered.

Consider the functionality of our designs as well as their aesthetic

One of the things that we are most proud of here at Basement Birds is our ability to create fully functional designs that are as drop-dead gorgeous as they are functional. We think you’ll agree, and take the utility and functionality of the spaces that we design as seriously as we do the overall look and aesthetic.

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