A little bit about our basement design services

It’s absolutely impossible to get where you want to go, without a roadmap that clearly outlines the path to get there. Without one, you end up wandering aimlessly down this road, in hope that you’ll eventually end up where you wanted to go. With no way of course correcting, or making any adjustments along the journey, most of the time, you’ll never reach your final destination and may not even end up making it out of the driveway!

Well, we feel the exact same way about basement renovation projects that do not have clearly designed plans laid out for them, which is why we work so closely with each and every one of our clients to come up with a unified design (and construction documents) that can be worked off of. We got the bird’s eye view over every angle.

Completely personalized and custom-made design services included

All of our clients are going to start off the basement renovation process with a quick call to our home office. After important introductions are made, they will be handed off to the design department. At this point, the client and our designers will have a quick conversation, about the specifics of their particular project.

An appointment will be made so that our designers can see the basement in question up close and personal, to get a better feel for the dimensions of the space and to really understand how to integrate the finished design.

From there, the designers will go back to the drawing board (quite literally), working up different design iterations that they’ll then pass to the client to get their sign off and go ahead on.

Clients will always have an opportunity to direct the design in any way, shape, or form that they see fit. They’ll always have the final say as to which elements are included, which ones are removed, and what the final project ends up looking like.

Design services will also account for structural matters and construction planning

While our designers are working closely with our client’s hand-in-hand, they are also going to be working with our construction professionals to understand the feasibility of any and all design elements that they included in their plans. This streamlined process shaves a tremendous amount of time off of a project and eliminates a lot of headache and hassle for all involved parties.

Integrated services provide a one-stop shop solution for our clients

All of these integrated services make sure that we are able to offer each and every one of our clients a “one-stop shop” kind of solution for their basement remodeling needs. To learn more about our design process (or to ask any other questions) simply contact us at your earliest convenience!