There’s no better place to add a bathroom than the basement

It’s almost impossible to ignore the potential for a 50% increase in livable square footage that you’ll be able to enjoy when you start to think about moving forward with a basement renovation.

The beauty of a basement addition, is one of the “smartest money” investments you can make in your property. This is especially when one that includes a bathroom which dramatically cuts down on the amount of money that you would have had to spend on a more traditional addition. Thus, allowing you to redirect those funds to “creature comforts” or pocket the difference and add it to your retirement fund!

Obviously, adding a bathroom to a basement space isn’t exactly a simple or as straightforward as some would make the process out to be. Although, it’s definitely not a difficult task when you work with professionals, like the ones that we employ here at Basement Birds.

Basement spaces almost demand to have a bathroom added in

One of the first things that people looking to purchase homes are interested in, is learning about the amount of bathrooms that a particular property has.

     And for good reason!

Having too few bathrooms in a particular property is a major lifestyle headache and hassle that many new homeowners simply do not ever want to have to deal with. Unfortunately, it’s a real problem that a significant amount of folks have to contend with on a day to day basis.

Following through with adding bathroom spaces to each level of your home (including the basement), you’re going to be dramatically boosting the value of your property without having to spend ridiculous amounts money of in the process.

Properly designed and executed basement bathrooms require a bit of planning

Due to the location of a basement of in a home, bathrooms are going to require a bit of clever engineering and planning to successfully pull off.

We’ve been building out basement bathrooms. We know exactly how to make sure that these bathrooms are designed, to match the proficiency of upper-level standards. Water is going to flow just as effortlessly to these bathrooms as it would upstairs, waste is going to be shuttled out of the home just as efficiently. It’s even possible to add a shower or bathtub, if you’re looking for the “full suite” kind of treatment.

Contact us today to learn more!

If you’d like to get started with a bathroom basement renovation project, we hope that you’ll contact us just as soon as you get a chance. These kinds of projects are always a lot of fun and really add a lot of utility (and value) to a property at the same time!