Important things to understand about basement flooring

A flooring upgrade can completely and totally transform any space in your home and that includes the basement. It’s almost impossible to fully appreciate and comprehend just how much of an impact a new flooring solution can have in a particular space, until it has actually been laid down. Know that, every single one of the clients that we’ve worked with since 2009, have agreed that the biggest transformation they’ve noticed during their basement renovation was, when the flooring went down and the room just kind of opened up.

But there are some things you are going to need to know about basement flooring options and basement flooring conditions, before you start to pick up the materials that you want laid down.

Basement conditions require special flooring materials are used

Basements are underground, cooler, and usually filled with more moisture than the rest of the house. There are going to be some critical conditions that need to be accounted for, before basement flooring materials can be purchased.

New engineered flooring materials that look a lot like traditional floor materials are hitting the market. We’re talking about materials that have been specifically designed for basement installation. We use these products quite frequently. Other solutions exist, for those that want to use more traditional flooring, for basements (including carpet) and we are happy to provide those solutions, to our clients.

Special materials will require special installation approaches

If a client does decide to move forward with a special construction material or flooring option (some of which we consider to be the best flooring for basement products around), it’s going to require a very professional approach, an experienced hand, to install without any issues.

That’s where we come into play.

We have a tremendous amount of experience installing these products, in creating transformational basement flooring ideas, into something really special. We know, that you’ll rely on us, to get the job done.
Here’s how to get the traditional (or not so traditional) look you’re after in your basement

All you have to do, to get the ball rolling to have your new basement flooring installed properly is contact us directly, at your earliest possible convenience. We will be more than happy to help, in any way that we can. We’ll be sure, to cover all of the basics, when it comes time to decide, what your floors in your basement, will be constructed out of.
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