A quick basement renovation primer from Basement Birds

Understanding that a basement renovation is always a considerable expense, we know exactly how seriously our clients take each and every single one of the basement renos, we’ve ever worked on. Confidently, we certainly hope that our clients see, understand and recognize just how seriously we take this process, as well.

Working closely with all kinds of clients, we’ve been blessed to be a part of numerous different basement renovations that has allowed us to streamline our approach and the execution of the projects that we achieve.

We feel that this gives us a competitive advantage over the other renovation companies out there and we think that our clients would agree!

To give you a bit of “insider information”, as to what we deliver. When it comes time to renovate a basement, we’ve outlined a couple of quick things below.
Be able to “see” exactly how a basement renovation will unfold ahead of time

One of the best parts of working closely with our service is that, you’ll never feel left in the dark at any point in time. Most notably, we will work hand in hand, in the early stages of the renovation.

Our design experts are going to do absolutely everything they can, to pull as many basement renovation ideas out of you as humanly possible, really trying to understand exactly how you envision this space to be when the project is over. Rest assured, our group will be doing everything in their power, to make sure that the design and construction documents they produce, will allow the construction team to realize that dream for you.

We use only the best of the best construction materials throughout

All of the construction materials that are used in a basement project are going to be of the highest possible quality. Furthermore, they are also going to be specifically selected for longevity in a basement environment.

Because of where the basement is located, moisture is always a concern. We understand this. We plan and account for this and we only select construction materials and construction solutions/techniques, that neutralize the negative impact of basement conditions.

This guarantees that your renovated basement looks just as it did, when it was brand-new, years and years down the road.
On-the-fly upgrades are possible thanks to our close working relationship

As you work closely with our renovation professionals, our team leader will do absolutely everything possible to make sure that you’re aware of any and all work and milestones, as they are met throughout the project.

This gives our clients the opportunity to make on-the-fly upgrades or changes, to the design plan without major shutdowns or delays. Once again, another serious advantage that we are happy to offer!