Basement Birds Walls/Drywall and Framing

Framing basement basics

It’s uncommon to successfully complete a basement without setting up new walls and then covering them with drywall, or some other wall covering material.

Sure, we’ve had some clients that wanted to go for a very industrial look and keep the exterior cement walls visible – but even those clients ended up taking advantage of our basement framing services to cover most of the walls. All in order that the electrical services, plumbing services, and other additions can been made, without looking awkward.

Shockingly similar (and at the same time completely different) to framing walls and finishing them off throughout the house, our experts know exactly how to tackle this specific project to produce stunning results for each and every one of our clients.

Just because (most) basement framing isn’t structural doesn’t mean it can be done haphazardly

The beautiful thing about doing a bit of framing in a basement is that most of the walls (almost all of them, with rare exception), will not have to undergo any of the structural requirements, prepared upon extra framing done throughout the whole. Those structural elements would have already been added to the home previous to the basement being finished, making most of these framing endeavors superficial in nature.

That does not mean that they can be treated with disrespect, or thrown up arbitrarily. Instead, framing needs to be strategically appropriated and purposefully placed. This is especially if it is to be finished off or to have had electrical/plumbing fixtures and services run through it.

The framing in a basement process has its own complications that need to be navigated

Indeed, framing a basement properly requires that all framing materials are brought into the basement in advance and then cut and assembled in that space. This surely can create a bit of a chaotic workspace, under duress.

In all reality, everything needs to be assembled “exclusively” so that it can fit together in a very confined setting with next to no wiggle room, which requires expert planning and execution across the board.

Our experts know exactly how to efficiently go about framing basement walls to speed up the project

In lieu of this, so many of our clients turn to us when it’s time to frame basement walls and then finish them with drywall. We understand this process right down to the finest detail and our experts understand exactly how to systemize the framing and finish off walls in a basement, so that the speed of the project actually accelerates during this phase.

If you’d like to learn more, simply contact us, at your earliest convenience and we’d be happy to answer your questions!