A Review of Easy and Affordable Adult Piano Courses

If you learn Piano in bits and pieces, one concept from here and another from there, you would end up being directionless and left hanging not knowing where to go. Piano or for that matter any musical instrument must be learned in a structured and logical way. Because otherwise, you wouldn’t be able to build a strong foundation about the basic fundamentals and wouldn’t understand the higher level concepts properly and that will drain your confidence over the instrument and that is serious. I can say that with authority since I am a musician myself. So in order to avoid such a situation, it’s highly recommended to find a course that will give you a strong foundation of the basics and then slowly and steadily progresses to the upper levels without leaving behind any important detail. I have been reviewing some of the best guitar and piano courses that are available online today and have discovered that the following two courses are quite comprehensive and structured.

Rocket Piano You must have already heard about these above Piano courses, but may not know each one of them in greater detail. So let me first introduce you to Rocket Piano and then i will move on to Learn and Master Piano. Rocket Piano is from a young Pianist named Ruth Searle who has over 2 decades of Classical Piano experience and seasoned musician. The course contents are arranged in 3 easy to follow e-books targeting 3 different skill levels, supported by a large number of Audio and Video files that will guide you through out the entire course. This course can be easily taken by adults as well as children above 10 years. The best part about this course as compared to ‘Learn and Master Piano’ is that the downloadable version is quite cheap, only $39, but a pricey $199 for the physical version but comes with 60 Days Unconditional Money Back Guarantee. So it is worth trying it out.

Cons The biggest disadvantage of Rocket Piano is that it is not compatible with a piano or midi device to track your progress and improve your playing skills.

Learn and Master Piano Now let me give you an overview about Learn and Master Piano. Learn and Master Piano is from Legacy Learning Systems that offers varied varieties of courses starting from Guitar to Painting and Ballroom Dancing. They have Home School and Student Editions for all the courses. Learn and Master Piano is a comprehensive Piano Learning Course designed and taught by Grammy Award Winner Pianist, Song Writer and Composer Will Barrow and the course contents are as follows

The DVDs are the most critical part of the course in which every lesson is explained and demonstrated in detail. The Jam Along CDs allow you to play with a real band at 捲簾 the convenience of your home and can easily impress your friends and family:) The Book has exactly all the lessons, songs and exercises demonstrated in the DVDs. The best way to learn any musical instrument is by listening to your favorite songs and then mimic it on your instrument, considering this in mind, both the above courses have loads of popular songs to that you can hear and learn and then play it on your won. The online student support forum needs a special mention, because you get to interact with other fellow pianists, your instructors, discuss your queries, problems and your success stories. It’s a great place to be in. This course also comes with 60 Days Unconditional Money Back Guarantee. Though Learn and Master Piano course is focused towards young boys and girls, it is a complete course for adults as well and designed for all skill levels.